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Your website is not just a brochure. It is a powerful sales tool, resource and representation of who you are.

CLICK HERE for a portfolio of our creations.

Whether you're selling a product or a service your website should capture the interest of every viewer and effectively communicate your message. Ultimately, your website needs to be integrated with your existing business to have real value.

Professional Design

It is important to have a clear layout based on accepted Graphic Design principles. We start by presenting you with various Concept Pages with different styles so the ”look” of your website is clearly established from the beginning.

Integration and E-commerce
Secure on-line databases will cut administrative costs dramatically. Manufactures and wholesalers will benefit from Real-time Inventory and Real-time Order Tracking. Sales organizations will greatly improve Customer Relations Management with Online Customer Account Statements and Online Customer History. Other services include the setting up of on-line shopping carts, chat rooms, message boards, affiliate systems, search engines and secure data processing.


Website marketing is definitely the most overlooked and often misunderstood aspect in E-Commerce today. Designing an impressive website is just the first step. You must market your website extensively to increase your web-traffic just like a traditional business.

  • Automatically and directly submit your site to all the major search engines.
  • Make multiple META tag pages to multiply results.
  • Purchase placement on popular search engines.
  • Submit your website advertisement to Link Exchanges, Message Boards, News Groups, e-vines and more.
  • Send thousands of Direct E-mails to your potential customers
  • Send hundreds of press releases to editors in your industry



We will design a website for you that will attract customers to visit your site, and leave them remembering your name!

CLICK HERE for a portfolio of our creations.

If the goals you've set for your web site call for custom development, our M.E.S.N, LLC design team has the capabilities to build the technologies you need to reach your business objectives. We've successfully developed an extensive portfolio of custom solutions for businesses of all sizes from a wide variety of industries.

Free Initial consultation to determine:

  • What you want your website to accomplish.
  • What audience you wish to target.
  • Conversion of conventional advertising into HTML format.
  • Color Image Scanning and retouching.
  • Designing of custom graphics and forms.
  • Optional enhancements - Frames, Animations, Flash, JavaScript, cgi, etc.
  • Thorough testing of your website, pages, and links.
  • Upload of your finished site to your FTP site. Much, much more...

Ask about our customized backend solution sites that can help you run your entire business and save your company money.


No two businesses are alike

M.E.S.N, LLC understands that no two businesses are alike. With this in mind, we have developed Web hosting services to meet the varied needs of small and medium-sized businesses - whether they're new to the Internet or already running a sophisticated Web site. Our product portfolio includes virtual, shared, and managed dedicated accounts, e-commerce, Web marketing support, value-added services for dedicated plans, managed services and more.

M.E.S.N, LLC Web-Hosting Services:

  • Domain Name Registration and Parking
  • Site Hosting with FTP access
  • POP E-Mail Account Management
  • Marketbooster (Monthly Search Engine Submission)
  • SSL Encryption and Authentication
  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart - MivaMerchant 4.1
  • Verisign Online Payment Processing
  • Data Backup Services